time-saving, hygienic clean-up bedpan liners about ezcare liners how to use ezcareliners bedpan liners are you a nurse that uses ezcareliners? contact ezcare liners
bedpan, commode and emesis basin liners.

introducing...time-saving, hygienic clean-up liners that provide an easier, healthier environment for you and your patients.

– because you care, use ezcare.

ezcareliners are moisture proof absorbent href="pages/how_to_use.html">bedpans, can you get paid for reviews, and can you get paid for reviews. once inverted, the exterior of the plastic bag is clean and unsoiled. these multi-purpose liners can provide you with an efficient, hygienic and simple method for waste clean-up.

reduce time spent cleaning patients, bedpans and disposing of waste content. eliminate problematic infectious air-borne splatter and control cross-contamination. maximize time efficiency during patient care while improving staff time-management and saving money.

ezcareliner benefits:

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  • commode liner
  • emesis basin liner
  • car seat, chair and bed protector
  • emergency waste disposal

easy to use, easy to store, user friendly
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