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time-saving, hygienic clean-up bedpan liners about ezcare liners how to use ezcareliners bedpan liners are you a nurse that uses ezcareliners? contact ezcare liners
bedpan, commode and emesis basin liners.

ezcareliners staff survey

we at ezcareliners are confident that we can help reduce the transfer of infectious waste material, and assist in the easy disposal of waste; thereby minimizing any chance of splatter or transfer to others.

please fill out this staff survey following the use of the ezcareliner.
your suggestions and comments help provide us with solutions to make ezcareliners even more efficient and easier to use.



email address:

question 1:
please select the option that best describes the impact of the ezcare liner on the ease of patient clean-up:

made patient clean-up more difficult
had no impact on ease of patient clean-up
made patient clean-up easier

question 2:
did the ezcareliner make bedpan or commode clean-up easier?



question 3:
did the ezcareliner save you time in caring for a patient using a bedpan?

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question 4:
would you use the ezcareliner again?
yes no


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